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Coaches Code of Conduct

I understand that my responsibilities as a youth coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the youth athletes I coach. Therefore I promise to uphold the following rights of young athletes to the best of my ability:


  • Coach positively. Catch players doing things right, provide appropriate technical guidance and praise efforts to improve. Do not criticize players after a loss; instead, ask them what they think they did well and what they would like to improve.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship. Applaud good plays by the other team. Never argue an umpire's call. Laugh off mistakes.
  • Safety and Athlete Protection - Two Deep Rule. Willow Creek Softball follows all Little League and THPRD safety policies. In addition, we employ a "two-deep rule"; for adult interaction with athletes: There must ALWAYS be at least two adults with the team at practices and games. When a coach needs to have a one-on-one conversation with a player, it should take place in a publicly visible area where other adult volunteers are present, such as the edge of the playing field.
  • A coach may provide transportation to a play who is not his or her child, provided that the coach's child also is in the vehicle. If a second adult is not available to assist or observe a practice, then the practice must be canceled. 

Regular Season Play:

  • Manage line-ups to equalize innings played at infield positions and at-bats. That means every player must have innings in the outfield and in the infield, and that batting orders must be rotated each game in order to equalize at-bats over time.
  • Develop as many pitchers as possible, and at least two catchers on each team. Every player who desires to play these positions should be given ample practice, support and game opportunities to do so.
  • Never intentionally crush the opposition. When it's obvious that your team is likely to win the game by a comfortable margin, remember good sportsmanship and the importance we plan upon girls' desire to keep playing the game. When an opposing pitcher is struggling, remember that our hope is that she will improve her skills and continue to play the game. In these situations, there's no need to steal home or to crush an opposing player's (or team's) spirit by piling on.
  • Play to win, but notice that winning is not among our measures of success in regular season play.

Post Season (All Star) Play:

  • Strive to uphold the WCLL goals of for the post season:

    1. Be competitive
    2. Have fun
    3. Win District 4 Tournament.

  • Manage line-ups to optimize competitiveness while also adhering to Little League Postseason rules regarding defensive playing time and at-bats.
  • Emphasize sportsmanship as a part of playing to win. Opposing teams should be respected at all times.
  • Never intentionally crush the opposition by a margin outside of competitive strategy. When it's obvious that your team is likely to win the game by a comfortable margin, there's no need to steal home or to crush an opposing team's spirit by piling on runs.
  • Coaches will not instruct players to strike out or intentionally walk batters with the intention of manipulating the timing of the end of the game (either shortening or prolonging the end) or purposefully losing the game. WCLL will not tolerate this type of behavior, as it undermines the values of sportsmanship and fair play that should be foremost on the minds of all adults involved. Note: This policy is not to be interpreted as a prohibition against intentional walks when used as a tactic on the part of the defense to set up a force-out, double-play, to avoid pitching to a strong hitter, etc. Such intentional walks should be considered a natural part of the game.

These policies apply to all levels of play. Our most senior players are only 14 years old,and we hope they will have several more years of enjoyable, competitive softball ahead of them.



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