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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. Are Scholarships Available?

Yes! Full and partial scholarships are available upon request for families in need of financial assistance. Email with any questions regarding scholarships.

2. Who can sign up for Willow Creek Little League?

Players who are league age 4 - 14 years old and live within WCLL service area are eligible to play. WCLL serves families in the Barnes, Bethany, Bonny Slope, Catlin Gabel, Cedar Mill, Elmonica, Findley, Holy Trinity, Jacob Wismer, Lenox, McKinley, Oak Hills, Ridgewood, Rock Creek, Sato, Springville, St. Pius, Terra Linda, West TV and William Walker grade school attendance boundaries. If your child attends another school, but lives within boundaries for one of these schools you are welcome to register.

3. What equipment does my daughter need?

Each player needs their own mitt and softball cleats, although tee ball players can play in regular sneakers.Bats and batting helmets are provided by WCLL, however most players prefer to have their own.Catching gear is provided by WCLL, but those serious about the position usually have their own.

    Socks: WCLL provides socks to all divisions which players keep
    T-Shirts & Jerseys: WCLL provides jerseys for our Triple A, Majors and Juniors divisions which MUST be returned at the end of the season. WCLL provides T-Shirts for our Double A, Single A and Tee Ball divisions which players keep.
    Pants: Parents are responsible for providing black softball pants for all divisions.

    4. Who needs to attend evaluations?

    All players with Little League ages 9 - 12 who would like to be considered for AAA or Majors Divisions MUST be evaluated before the season begins. For players who would like to remain in Double A, Single A and Tee Ball (ages 4 - 8 ONLY), evaluations are NOT required. Parents may NOT attend evaluations. Players should bring water, a glove, sneakers (no cleats) and wear athletic apparel (no jeans). Evaluations will be held February or early March. NOTE: Any player who wishes to play in Triple A or Majors division MUST attend evaluations.

    5. What size bat does my daughter need?

    WCLL provides a selection of bats for each team, however if your player prefers to have their own bat, please make educated choices when selecting a bat. For Triple A and above, please make sure the bat is Little League approved for the CURRENT season. Please refer to the Little League International list of manufacturers and models that are Little League approved. Umpires have the discretion to remove a bat from the game if the bat is not on the approved list, which changes yearly. Bat size depends on the ability level and the size of the player. Please consult with your child's manager or visit websites that discuss appropriate bat sizes to choose a bat that fits the player. The biggest mistake is getting a bat that is too big for the child to swing effectively.

    6. What size mitt does my daughter need?

    Little Leaguers should use smaller, not larger, gloves. Resist the temptation to let your child use that old, well broken-in glove you used in high school. Larger gloves may seem easier to use when you are just playing catch, but in a game it is different. In games, everything happens much faster, and your kid will be trying to catch and field balls in all sorts of different positions. Smaller gloves are easier to maneuver and easier to dig a ball out of after the catch. You can figure that you'll need to buy your kid a new glove at least twice in a typical progression from Teeball to Major Division. Below is a chart of recommended glove sizes. If your child is particularly large or small for her age, adjust the sizes accordingly.


    Teeball (4-6)..........9 to 11 inches
    Single A (6-8)........9 to 11 inches
    Double A (8-10).....9 to 11 inches
    Triple A (9-12)......11.75 to 12.5 inches
    Majors (10-12)......12 to 13 inches

    7. Can my daughter and her friends play on the same team?

    You may submit "buddy requests" during registration. We will try to honor all requests in the younger non-draft divisions (Tee Ball, Single A and Double A), but can not make any guarantees for the older divisions (Triple A and Majors). Requests are difficult to honor in the upper divisions simply because our goal in team forming is to have balance among the teams.

    8. Can I request a specific coach?

    We will do our best to honor these requests, but there may be times when it is logistically not possible to do this. The Triple A and Majors divisions are drafted so it is not always possible to provide this for these levels.

    9. When does the season start and end?

    The season begins in early April (weather permitting) and runs through mid-June.

    10. How much of a time commitment is there for my child?

    For younger players the norm is two to three events (practices and/or games) per week. For older players three to four events (practices and/or games) per week is more common. League rules prohibit more than four team events per week.

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