Our Goal

Willow Creek's goal is to develop each player's softball skills, exercise of good sportsmanship, dedication to self-improvement and teamwork. All players are given equal game-situation playing opportunities in the field and at bat. The most important measure of our success is not the win-loss record. Our key measures of success are that players have fun, develop the skills and values noted above, and at the end of the season desire to continue playing softball at the next level.

Willow Creek Little League Mission Statement

Willow Creek Little League aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience, in which every athlete:

• Has fun playing the game
• Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance
• Learns "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field
• Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player.

We recognize coaches most directly make this possible, so we provide all coaches with the tools to succeed as Little League Coaches. We are committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve our mission.


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